Isaac Adejuwon

Isaac Adejuwon

Founder & CEO, Metricsflow

Isaac Adejuwon is the Founder and CEO of Metricsflow in St. John’s. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing a certificate in Machine Learning from Stanford University and a Masters of Computer Engineering in Artificial Intelligence from Memorial University. Isaac was born in Nigeria and immigrated to St. John’s nine years ago.

With extensive experience working in the startup tech industry across Canada at Communitech, the Genesis Centre, and propel ICT, Isaac’s professional focus is changing web architecture from a static to a dynamic state powered by artificial intelligence. He has authored articles on LinkedIn such as How will AI Change the Agency Landscape? and Why We Need the Dynamic Web.

Isaac’s work at Metricsflow aims to replace cookies with AI to build dynamic content for web users. To do this, the company creates a unique digital DNA identifier for every visitor across platforms and devices, enabling a clear and accurate history of the visitor’s content consumption journey. Metricsflow was recently nominated by the National Angel Capital Organization as one of the Most Promising Startups of 2018.

Digital Diversity: Smarter, Faster, Better

Civic Centre

The afternoon conference sessions will begin with an afternoon panel discussion sponsored by McInnes Cooper and entitled, “Digital Diversity: Smarter, Faster, Better.” The panel will feature Deirdre Ayre, Head of Operations at Other Ocean; Nour El-Mohri, Founder of Montreal-based Taam Media; and Isaac Adejuwon, Founder of Metricsflow. Troy Turner of The Western Star will again […]